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Gentis Consulting in Keller

Gentis Consulting in Keller

The mitigation and understanding of contract risk is a continuous process across the spectrum of both commercial and federal contracting. The commercial process focus should concentrate more on the Terms and Conditions (provisions), over contract type, to help manage the expectations of the parties. Numerous companies don’t perform a full analysis on those provisions (usually in font 6/ double column) on the reverse side of the purchase order. The first step of this process is to understand the purchase order is actually a contract in which the parties have agreed upon price and delivery and, if accepted, the language buried in the provisions. These concerns buried within the provisions cover delivery and damages, exculpatory clauses, warranty issues and disputes resolution and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) provides the buyer a more resolute opportunity to recover than the selling party. The underlying purpose should be the proactive containment of environmental factors within the relationship by sharing/ limiting exposure between the stakeholders created by commercial transactions. The first step is to read the entire contract, including the definitions, of the contract and understand what the other party is requesting.

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